The 2013 Workshop

The Web Science Education Workshop was held in Paris, France on the 1st of May 2013 between 2pm and 5.30pm at Palais des Congrès de Paris on the opening day for

2013 workshop had the following objectives:

1 – Giving a clear and detailed picture of Web Science education (and education with Web Science) that takes place around the world.

2 – Share interesting practices in Web Science education and provide the community with ideas and innovations in curriculum design, course activities and content, and how web science programs could be promoted at both students and institutions.

3 – Create an international and online collaborative structure to manage information, resources, teacher training, exchange of students or teachers, events, etc. The nature, the shape and the goals of this structure will be discussed at the workshop by the participants.

2013 program

2:00pm – Welcome / Introduction / Keynote

2:15-2:30pm: Opening Keynote by Dr. Su White

2:30-2:40pm: Overview of Web Science Education in the World

2:45 – 4:00pm: 1 – Presentations and questions / discussions

  1. Mark Weal and Susan Halford.
    Reflections on developing a cross Faculty Web Science undergraduate programme
  2. Marie Joan Kristine Gloria, Jim Hendler and Deborah McGuinness.
    Supporting a Web Science Education
  3. Craig Allison, Mark Frank, Lisa Sugiura and Robert Blair.
    The Role of the Web Science MSc in Preparing For Research
  4. Huw Davies. Strategies for attracting students
  5. Rene Pickhardt, Olaf Goerlitz and Steffen Staab.
    Teaching Web architecture and ethics to highly gifted high school students in a summer school

4:00 – 4:15pm: Coffee break and Lebanese sweets

4:20 – 5:30pm: 2 – Discussions on building the Web Science Teaching and Learning Community – Moderator: Dr. Steffen Staab

  1. Hans Akkermans: WSTnet Task Force Proposal.
  2. Participants will form groups to prepare propositions on:
    1. How to “officially” organize the community around real people?
    2. How to deal with teaching resources?
    3. How to create an online tool for all kinds of collaborations?
    4. How to innovate with International collaboration, places and events?